Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Blogging.

We’ve been participating in a research project concerning adoptive parents, which has led to a lot of navel gazing. As gay parents we continuously reimagine and contextualize our parenting styles in a society not yet ready for us. This study has caused us to look at what we’re doing even closer. Between the social workers, pediatrician visits, parental updates, we are one well-examined parental unit.

The biggest adjustment for me has to be my continuously tested and battle-forged patience. His latest trick is the banshee scream. At random points in the day, he’ll let out this eardrum shattering screech. It’s an awe-inspiring volume of sound from such a little frame. He must pull from his toes to reach such a capacity. The dog stays far from E and I can completely agree with that. My research reveals that little ones are just testing their voice. They are moved by the “joie de vivre” of it all. Ha ha ha. It’s important to focus on that dear friends.

I’m reaching my center. Just like the biting phase this too will pass.

I’ve decided next month is Guatemala month on the Turtle blog. I’ll be posting pics from our travels and highlighting some charities involved in humanitarian efforts down south. It should be a lot of fun. Well, I’m excited so just nod and look pretty if you can’t join me.

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Red7Eric said...

I'm getting my master's degree in navel-gazing. It's actually a Masters of Science in Organization Development, but "Use of Self" is one of the "pillars" (??!!) of the field, and so all of our papers are written in the third person, and you seem to get extra credit for saying "I did this thing, and it was dumb, but here's why I did it."

I make fun of my degree alot, but in truth the navel-gazing has done some good. I see people around me with no self-awareness at all, and that just makes me sad.

You'll be a better parent to E with all the self-work you're doing. I've said all along that most gay people are better parents than most straight people -- and not because anything about being gay makes you a better parent, but anyone who's been an outsider build up reserves of empathy, and that's always a good thing to pass onto your kid.