Monday, September 11, 2006


Kapitano said...

What you pinko lib'ral commieloving unamericans don't realise is: America's got to be a tyrany to stay a democracy. We gotta be imprisoned to stay free, live in fear to feel safe, and start wars to keep the peace.

Them muzlims, they want to destroy our way of life, 'cos they're fanatics. And we won't rest till we've wiped out every hating fanatic who wants to wipe us out.

And when we've destroyed their way of life, everyone will be free to live as they chose, under God and the Free Market.

Except the homersexuals.


RIC said...

Powerful texts, both your post and Kapitano's comment!
Five years later, everything's still so vivid in my mind... What ever happened to that America? That text may sound a bit rhetorical in some ways, but it's absolutely true.
Money's making the world go under.

BriteYellowGun said...

LOVE IT! So true so true.

David said...

I'd like to know how that America is missing when it never existed.

The Brian said...

Well at the very least is was a management philosophy. But now, oy, there's so much trouble.

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