Monday, September 18, 2006

Here comes the rain again

Saturday started dreary and overcast for our Rainbow Families DC picnic. There was some talk that morning about what to do but we plunged onward. Forty minutes before the official start a shower passed overhead to give us all a nice dousing. We were a bit muggy as we rushed about to put the final touches on the park, hanging banners and setting up the food tables. I was getting a bit worried about attendance at that point. Fortunately, the families began to trickle in at three o’clock.

The coolest thing about these events is all the variety in family structure and race. Never has a rainbow been a more apt description. (Generally I find the rainbow to be a bit cloying as a rallying symbol. It gives me flashbacks to Rainbow Brite and her infernal cheeriness, but I digress.) The children and parents came in all shapes, colors, and sizes and it was beautiful.

I think I now have empirical proof that E is incredibly active for his age. I noted other parents setting their children down and they’d happily mill about. We’d set E down and he’d immediately race from us. We had him dressed in this adorable little cargo pants and striped shirt and he ran from the gazebo and fell into the dirt mere seconds after arrival. Ha Ha. E became fascinated at one point with these three older boys around 8ish as they ran about yelling and shoving and pushing. E crawled into a little tent with them and I was told he wasn’t allowed. Why’s that I ask? Because this is a wrestling tent! E sat there grinning, all of the violence encoding on his little brain to spring upon his Dads at a later date. I began to wonder about this whole 2 boys idea.

One of the highlights was finally getting to meet Steve and his charming family from the Hygiene Chronicles. It’s always nice to put a name (or blog) with a face. Hopefully we’ll see him at a few more events. ; ) I finally mastered the art of not over-extending myself. After the initial business I was able to take some time to actually talk to some people and meet a few other families. All in all it was great fun and judging by the filth on E’s clothing he also had a great time.


RIC said...

I'm glad for you, Brian!
Once again we learn a little bit more about E and how he's getting along. That's nice of you. Thanks a lot! Congrats on the picnic success! :-)

Kapitano said...

Sounds like a very enjoyable event. Presumably L was there? We don't get to read much about the other man raising E. I'm kind of curious about the silent partner.

No fundamentalist whackjobs picketing the picnic, calling the park Sodom and Gommorah for the day? I suppose their brains would have exploded when they saw you all behaving, like, normally and being happy.

Two boys? You're thinking of getting another one? Haha!

The Brian said...

"the silent partner" ha ha

Yes L was there also. Actually we didn't get to spend much time together at the event because while I was watching E was chatting with other parents and vice versa. As E gets older and doesn't do things like stuff his mouth with wood chips from the playground we'll be able to hang out more when we venture into the public.

"You're thinking of getting another one?"

Depends on the day of the week. Our biological clocks are ticking so we have to decide soon.

RIC said...

What an excellent idea, Brian! It will be so great for E, and I'm sure he'll be thankful to you for that. I've always hated being the only son. In my generation (now not anymore!) almost all my schoolmates had brothers and sisters. It was so boring being all by myself...
Think it over quickly! :-)

RIC said...

... You've been to Lisbon, Brian, and you didn't care to mention it... I do feel a little bit sad about it... :-(

The Brian said...

Huh, I thought I had told you before. Strange.