Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I’ve been meaning to post these pics for a while but kept forgetting. For shark week back in July, the Discovery Channel Building in Silver Spring had one of the coolest marketing gimmicks. Check out the giant shark!

photos courtesy of flickr


Kapitano said...

A few thoughts:

(1) Where is the shark now? I bet they had a lot of offers to buy it from wacky suburbanites. One of who now has a shark through their home and is starting to think maybe it wasn't such a great joke after all.

(2) How will the Discovery channel market a week of programmes on sexual health?

(2a) And would the building be known forever afterwards as The Dickovery Building?

(3) Just how much did it cost? And what does that say about advertising revenue?

(4) How many complaints did they get from morons who said it mocked the memory of 9/11?

(5) What's the shark's name? They will have given it one. Probably female.

RIC said...

I don't think I'd like to watch such a «thing» while going about in town... I really don't...

Steve said...

that is pretty cool - I am suprised I did not hear about it.. oh well - it does kind of have a "9/11" ish look to it.. Oh well - it was all in good fun.

I wonder what they have there now for Steve Irwin's passing? I heard people have made a makeshift shrine..

Steve said...

I am guessing it is not a stingray..

/ducks and runs for cover!!

durban bud said...

I think I would be really annoyed if I had an office there with a large window showcasing a beautiful view of the town, only to have it covered by a large shark head or tail. In fact, I would probably open my window and try to flick it off.

The Brian said...

kap, I'd like to see #2-3, that would be a very interesting display.

ric, I liked it. I couldn't find a shot of the dorsal fin on top but that was my favorite part.

durb, I bet a pair of scissors would take care of it.

RIC said...

Okay, Brian, I confess! I should have never seen «Jaws» at the age I saw it... I spent 3 summers in a row at the beach without swimming at all... I just couldn't get my a... into the water. Mad? Definitely!