Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the language of life

Words my little boo says:

Daddy - da da


Nemo - emo (that’s our dog’s name)

More - mo

Banana – manamana

Bus - gu gu (I have no idea where that came from but it’s definitely his word for bus, he says it every time he sees one. Perhaps it’s from go go?)

Car - ca ca (note the transportation pattern!)

Book - be-be (one of his first books had a picture of a baby in it and we’d say look at the baby and now all books are be-be.)

Please - peese

Thank you - tank you

This - dis

Up – up-pa (which is really cute because it sounds like an Italian gymnast getting ready to launch himself onto a trapeze or something.)


In short, he’s brilliant!


Mark said...


The blog brings back a flood of memories of my two children growing up.......

One of my abiding memories was that each night I would put them to bed by telling them a story. Now they had to be apart of the process so each night they had to pick the theme (although I never used that word) and then I would flesh it out......Brian (who is two years older) would always be the first one to pick.....usually involving the character (Agabald) being "naughty".....the next night was Annie's turn.....well she always parroted Brian's theme but had Agabald being good.

I smile even now remembering those night.


dan said...

Love little-kid speak, it's like a world unto its own. You spend years teaching them to speak, encouraging each and every word from them, and then they don't shut up :D

As an aside, I've moved my blog to Beta and changed the URL. Could you alter the link to me please:


0ddness with a zero, not an O :)

Thanks matey :)

RIC said...

Oh Brian, what a delightful idea! I also like child speech very much. Years ago, when dealing on a daily basis with linguistics and Chomsky's theory on Language Universals, I read a little about it and even «studied» some friends' children. It was so amusing and rewarding... The son of a good friend - he's now almost 20 - even learned some German with me, and whenever he saw me he would utter all the words he'd learned. Strangely enough, he never learned German at school, but he still remembers words and sentences from the time he was 4-5. I have to laugh everytime he pulls that one.
Enjoy it the very best you can! It vanishes in a flash! :-)

Kapitano said...

I sometimes read stories to a 4 year old girl who's decided that all men are called Brian.

Though she also tells me thatI'm a climbing frame. Right before she uses me as one.

There is another little girl who think's it's great fun to scream "Catch me!" as she jumps down a flight of stairs. Or tries to jump out of windows.

Sometimes I wonder if she really would climb out the window if I let her. But I don't think I'll try it, somehow.

gayborhood gringo said...

You do a terrific job of making me want kids, then not wanting them, then wanting them all over again.

The Brian said...

Mark, that's adorable.

Dan, it should be changed now.

GG, ha. So far it's been the most difficult, most rewarding thing I've done.

Saucy Love said...

Hey Brian,

You do make having a child attractive. I will continue to live through you as you raise your little man.