Monday, September 25, 2006

The Boring Work Post

I managed to get everything finished on Friday afternoon that I needed to. I was worried that I was going to have to stay late… on a Friday! Our incompetent manager called a meeting last week to discuss some workflow issues. I fired back on a few issues. I recognize that my anger towards him keeps me from being completely rational on the subject and I was glad to see other co-workers engaging. Also, we’ve decided to meet independently without I.M. so that we can get our work done. Fascinating stuff there, I’m sure.

My new vow is to allot a bit of time each week to job search and as a result I have my first interview this afternoon. I’ve been told I interview well. I don’t see it but I’ve chosen not to examine it too closely. If something works, leave it alone. (Send good vibes my way though I'm feeling a bit ooky about the whole thing. It could be all this coffee I'm drinking though.)

I leave for NYC early on Wednesday morning. I haven’t been away from my family for an entire night since E arrived. It was exciting to think about at first but now I’m getting all misty. It’s a bit pathetic really. There’s been no research done on what’s happening up there but I’m staying near the West Village so I may just wander about. I wonder if I can find some nice gay couple to let me rent their baby for a few minutes. I am the picture of masculinity, no?


Dan said...

I know how you feel on leaving behind the family - Jo goes away every couple of months for a weekend, but i prefer to stay home - the thought of leaving this lot for long isn't nice :)

Will cross fingers for this afternoon - good luck :D

BriteYellowGun said...

I always ace the interview process as well. The real problem is actually GETTING the interview! Once I have that, I usually can tell whether I'm in or not. Good Luck!

Mark said...

Is there a possibility you guys will move to New York......or is this just a business trip?

Make time to go to FAO Schwartz and get "E" something speical....although I suspect "E" already has lots of special things.

By the by is E still pinching?

Good things happen to good people so I feel it is only a matter of time before you get that new job?

RIC said...

I wish you all the best, Brian! My thoughts are with you!
Who cares about standard pictures? Do you?... :-)

The Brian said...

No, we're not moving to New York. I'm just going up for a work trip.

E has not been pinching or hitting! He is learning how to climb on things though which is pretty nerve-wracking.

Mark said...


Will it looks like he has learned another power move......and he doesn't even realize it.....this too will pass, but while you're having yet another nervous breakdown he'll continue to smile and KNOW that he's cute and you'll continue to grow in your love for him.


The Brian said...

Aaaw Mark, you know it's true.

Anonymous said...

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