Friday, September 08, 2006

For this is the gay we are given, let us rejoice!

I'm both thrilled and appalled by this show. Can you imagine the snarkability potential?

"Ex-gay" TV show to debut on Christian networks

A television show hosted by and featuring "ex-gays," including a former prostitute and a self-confessed thief, is preparing for its launch on two Christian networks.

Pure Passion will debut on both the Sky Angel Satellite Network and the Christian Television Network on September 18. The show, produced by Mastering Life Ministries, will be hosted by former prostitute David Kyle Foster and Alan Chambers, a onetime criminal and current president of the "ex-gay" group Exodus International, according to a press release issued by Wayne Besen, executive director of Truth Wins Out, a nonprofit that counters so-called conversion therapy. Joining Foster and Chambers as part of the show will be singer Sy Rogers and "ex-lesbian" activist Christine Sneeringer.

The airing of Pure Passion has sparked anger from groups who denounce the "ex-gay" movement as damaging, self-hating, cruel, and simply a myth.

"The last thing people of faith need is more pure propaganda and pure nonsense that is rejected by every mainstream mental health organization in the nation," said Besen. "The colorful characters hosting this show with questionable moral character will likely prove to be quite entertaining, as most circus acts are."


David said...

Does anyone remember that MySpace kid from last year whose parents sent him to one of those places? I wonder whatever happened to him.

RIC said...

The show hosts - and guests too, I believe - have all undergone «reparative therapy» and seen the light(s)... Alleluia.
The intentions behind are harmful indeed, in many aspects.

TOS said...

Just awful... grrrrrrrrrrr

BriteYellowGun said...

Of course they couldn't get some ex-gay accountant or factory worker. It HAD to be a prostitute and a criminal...because that's really what being gay does to people after all. They're just hateful morons who will indeed burn in hell if there is one.

RIC said...

There is no hell. They will pay HERE, with huge interests! Their hell is here, as it is everyone else's who f...ks up other people's lives. I have no doubts about this. It's just a matter of time... What goes round...