Wednesday, August 02, 2006


That silence is from all the boys and girls waiting to find out who gets yoinked off Project Runway for cheating. We find out mere hours from now. Let 'em have it Tim Gunn!



Saucy Love said...

I'm meeting friends at 9:00 so we can watch the last episode (on DVR) and then discuss our ideas of who it will be. There will also be several calls made to others in the country as a post show wrap-up of sorts!

Saucy Love said...

I LOVE PROJECT RUNWAY!!!!!! (Imagine me running around the room ripping off clothes and screaming.)

Steve said...

OMG, I'm so excited. I pray it's not Jeremy. I seem to have this inane crush him. Perhaps it's the creepy tattoos?

Bacchus said...

We are eating in tonight so we can watch it, rather than tivoing it for later. We've been watching faithfully since season 1. I hope it is Angela, she should have walked the last two times, but probably won't be.

I need to get people to start a pool, isn't this like Gay Football?