Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Don't Stop the Smashing!

I never got the Wentworth Miller craze. The new star of Prison Break is certainly blandly handsome but it doesn’t spark my engine. I feel happily vindicated from the latest Entertainment Weekly in which Wentworth ( what is up with that name anyway?) reveals that his Must List includes an album by Journey. Journey.

If there were any artist that would cause me to plunge a sharp object into my ear it would be Steve Miller’s over-emoting wailing. I’m sure his music somehow spawned the flipped collars of yore.

No the true star of Prison Break is Dominic Purcell. I first noticed him in Blade Trinity as the lead vampire. With Parker Posey as a fellow vamp I quickly turned my allegiance to the bloodsuckers. True Ryan Reynolds in that famous bondage scene was tempting.

It looks like Purcell is going to star in an Incredible Hulk remake. Hopefully Purcell can reverse Ang Lee’s misguided overemoting Hulk. The big green guy is about one thing only: Hulk Smash!


BriteYellowGun said...

If you meant the lead singer of Journey, it's Steve Perry, not Steve Miller. And I don't like EITHER one! As for Wenty, you nailed that one, blandly handsome. I never thought he was anything all that special either but Dominic, oh yes. He is quite fine! I don't even watch that show but I'll gaze at him longingly whenever I see a picture.

gayborhood gringo said...

I thought I was the only one who preferred Dominic Purcell. It's nice to see we have similar tastes in men.

And what is this about Ryan Reynolds in bondage? Why have I not seen this movie yet? Granted, I'm not into bondage, but, hey, if he's in any state of undress I'm there.

God, it really has been a loooong time since I've had any. haha

The Brian said...

Steve Perry! I knew that. It was a test and you did excellent. Congratulations BYG!

I was overcome by the blandness of it all. It's one large Steveapalooza of dullness.

I'm not really into bondage either but the Reynolds scene is whew. Alanis has done very well.