Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Donde esta mi bola de playa?

Children are irrational. Sick children are irrational and a bit mental. Oh I know that’s a bit unfair. I suppose when you’re E’s age it’s akin to being in a foreign land and you want coffee and people keep handing you random things like a beach ball or a pair of socks. All you really want is coffee but no can understand you.

Just got off the phone with my partner and talked him down from banging his head on the counter 30 times to somewhere around 15. The outgoing little one becomes a demanding wailer when he’s ill.

The brunch/ birthday party for my mother-in-common-law went well. Everyone seemed to have a good time and our house has been broken in with its first party. E’s fever has subsided and he’ll back to normal very soon. In the interim, deep breaths and a few more aspirins...

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RIC said...

It must me quite hard being a child... We all seem to manage to forget those rough times though, I guess... But do we really?
All the best for E. :-)