Thursday, August 24, 2006


So, it finally happened, at long last. We sold our DC house! No longer is this Debtasaurus stalking us nightly. I can spend money again!!!! It was getting a bit worrisome there folks.

I’m going to miss this kitchen. I remember picking each element and L and I talking about the design and the space and how we’d be using it. All the applicances are new and shiny and ever so modern.

I’ll miss the little garden, that slowly took shape around Nemo’s big feet and our haphazard skills.

Walking through the house yesterday was striking. This is where we started our family. This is where E took his first steps. This was a really good home.

And a new chapter opens.


Steve said...

Wow Brian - that is a awesome house..! Congrats on the sale - especially in the recent market..

BriteYellowGun said...

Congratulations! I love your kitchen but I could NEVER have the glass front cabinets, even if frosted. My kitchen looks impeccable until you look into one of the cabinets. Then...not so much.

We got word that our offer on a house was accepted Tues. I HATE moving!

The Brian said...

Congratulations and I'm sorry!

Moving is horrible. I think our next move will be to a retirement home where I'll have some cute Eastern European guy who'll take care of my every want.

Steve said...

Crap. I love your kitchen and yard.

Think of how exciting it will be to make a new beautiful home for E & L.

Hey, I have an L at home too. :)

durban bud said...

That kitchen is beautiful. The thing is, if you helped design it, you can do the same thing to your future homes. We designed a kitchen, sold the place, and redid the kitchen in our new place. And we'll probably end up selling it in the next couple years.

Where did you move?

RIC said...

Congratulations, Brian, for the selling!
Fine taste, that kitchen.
Moving is terrible. Last November I just thought I wouldn't ever make it: main problem (among others) - books and more books everywhere... So stressful! :-)

The Brian said...

DB, we moved to Takoma Park. We looked for something nearby, very liberal, good schools, low commute time. TP fit on all accounts.

We would have stayed in DC but unless you can afford private school you're kind of against the wall. There is the charter schools but even that is a bit risky with placement and as we've seen recently a new admin can come in and change everything.

Ric, I think it was 2 moves ago in my cross-country move that I realized I can't be carting all these books around. I cut my library in half and I still have a huge amount of books. They just keep multiplying.

gayborhood gringo said...

I love kitchen! I think that is the only reason I would want to own a be able to have a kitchen like that.

Congrats on selling the home, though. It's tough, but some things have to be left behind in order to move on.

Moncrief Speaks said...

That's a stunning kitchen, Brian. Wow.

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