Thursday, August 10, 2006

Nemo Found

We always had a dog when I was growing up, well more of a doglet really. My mom had a penchant for dachshunds so pretty much my entire childhood was spent with a little brown extremely tolerant dog named Duchess. When I grew up I knew I wanted a big dog. One you could take for long walks, get rough with…. Something solid. So, we weren’t having much luck as we visited each shelter. The dogs tended to be a bit crazy really. As soon as you got them out of their cages they’d spin around, drunk off the freedom. One day I was scanning the DC site and came across this little guy, #62:

We wanted a youngish dog so this seemed promising. We walked past all the yipping, crazy dogs to come to his cage and there he sat sort of calmly surveying all the kerfuffle about him. We took him into the little visiting room and 62 came over and sat in my lap. None of the pound dogs had ever done that. At that moment I was bought and sold. He pretty much chose us. Sure I knew he was going to big, I saw the size of those paws but I had no idea just how big. A rottweiller mix he now weighs in at 120 lbs. We tried out a few different names and the name that stuck was Nemo. (One year late Finding Nemo came out and every kid in DC had a goldfish named Nemo. I know this because all the kids at the park would have to tell me about their fish.)

Funny thing about a dog this size, they’re really hard to ignore. His personality seems as large as his size. E adores Nemo, Nemo loves it when E is eating in his high chair. Oh it's true, there’ve been days when Neem’s driven my blood pressure up. One day he found an open bag of potting soil by the kitchen door and drug it around the kitchen and then downstairs and then shook it vigorously. There was dirt all over the basement, even on the ceiling.

What are you gonna do? He’s part of the family now.


Steve said...

Dogs are great. We have two (including a daschund) and boy did they love when Corey are in the high chair.

Nemo looks totally cool in the 2nd picture.

Bacchus said...

Holy cow is that a cute face. I know what you mean about animals chosing you. Both of our cats chose us, one very literally. He was a kitten in a cage at the shelter and as we walked by he reached out and snagged the Hubby's shirt. We were sold on the little monster who grew up to be a big fat baby :)

The Brian said...

We used to volunteer at the animal shelter and I became a huge fan of those organizations. They do such incredible work.

Richard said...

He is adorable. I am sure that E will be putting a saddle on him and riding him around the house any day now. Enjoy!

gayborhood gringo said...

He is too adorable! Glad you chose to give an older dog a chance. Plus, rescued dogs are always the best!

Anonymous said...

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