Thursday, August 03, 2006


So Keith got the boot for contraband PATTERN BOOKS! In addition, we found out he left a challenge and got on the internet. I almost wish the incident had been a bit more exciting like slapping Vincent in the face or kicking Vincent or punching Vincent or breaking Vincent’s glasses while he mugged away at someone’s design. I think Laura summed it up pretty well for me when she said “He was an ass and I’m glad he’s gone but I wish he’d done bodily harm to Vincent before he left” or something like that.

The bigger shocker was Angela’s win. Of course she benefited greatly from Laura and Michael on her team. They were able to harness OCD granny circles and use them for the powers of good. The outfit was surprisingly tasteful.

Tattoo neck and Alison pulled off a close 2nd but really I’m glad they lost as it would have been a little awkward for the PATTERN BOOK boy’s design to have won.

Robert presented a shockingly bad sport jacket/ stewardess combo. I think he was working too close to Kayne’s product which caused hallucinations. You’ll notice in later interviews his hair is flat and there’s a hazmat sticker on his back.

Apparently a woman named Bonnie snuck onto the show, perhaps looking for her missing PATTERN BOOKS! and she was quickly disqualified for her late entry.

Now, for all you shut-ins like myself tune in to Design Star on HGTV. Interior design, a cute boy, and Vern from Trading Spaces, what more could you want other than a german supermodel.

Auf Wiedersehen


BriteYellowGun said...

LOL over your Bonnie remarks!

So you really like Vincent too then, huh?

Bacchus said...

I was glad to see Keith go, he was arrogant and hadn't created a winning design yet.

I saw Angela's design in Macy's window, here in San Francisco, and it looked great. The only way she won though was with the help of her team members.

I believe Laura will be there all the way to the end. She is an amazing designer.

The Brian said...

I wonder if Laura is a bit one-note though. I'd like to see a bit more variety in her designs.

Saucy Love said...

I LOVE Project Runway and have decided that Laura and Michael are the dark horses as they seem to be less of the focus. Angela is from Ohio (sigh) and I have to say she does NOT represent Ohio style!
Now onto Design Star. I adored the muscle gay's(I'm guessing)recent room. What genius! I am now hooked on ANOTHER show (Damn!)

The Brian said...

Design Star only has a few more episodes so have no fear. It will be over quickly. Plus you have a muscle guy to carry you through.